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Salutations! We will be performing a scheduled release to bring all of our recent product improvements and bug fixes into production this evening, August 23, 2017; beginning at 10pm EST. We anticipate the scheduled release will take 1 to 2 hours to perform. We do not anticipate any expected down time during this window.

Mars Volta Summer 2017 Release Notes

What’s New?

New Dashboard including recent publishes, account statistics and helpful StoryPorts content.
Revised left-hand Navigation for Apps for quicker browsing.
Included breadcrumbs in the navigation with additional color coding to assist with placement in the app.
Monday morning Week In Review Emails, containing recent account activity from the prior week.
New Publish UI with additional features.
Added Data Extension support for ExactTarget users.

New! Library of Themes
New! Widgets (Beta):
-Video Background Widget
-Content Hub Widget
-Point & Reveal Widget
-Photo Gallery Widget
-Animated Call to Action Widget

Email Studio:
Upgraded the "auto-save" and replaced with a new flyout alert.
Added a "Publish and Send" option to Publish.

Workflow Studio:
Added Data Extension support to Workflow “Send Activities”.
Added Mailchimp Send Activity to Workflows.

Radar Automations:
Added RMAs to create larger markets when sending geo-targeted Emails.


Removed the "Preview Emails" and "Insights Emails" from the Notifications tab.
Increased app responsiveness and speed.

Upgraded the Templates Modal to default to the "My Templates" tab.
‘Save As Email Template’ - Added Additional "sp_email_wrapper".
Removed the ‘Share Between Accounts toggle’ for default Templates, Themes, Modules.
Created an alert for Shared Templates, Themes and Modules when editing.

Email Studio:
Improved ‘Save Email as Template’ functionality to maintain content in email.

Smart Blocks:
Added Mobile responsive CSS.

Radar Automations:
Added more space between the 'automation' toggle and the Publish button on the Sub Nav Bar.

Bug Fixes

Fixed: Gmail Rendering Issue; upgraded to Bulletproof CSS, to discourage email templates from breaking our UI.
Fixed: Editing Content bug "image width" = 100.
Fixed: Google Fonts rendering issue during page reload.
Fixed: Multiple "#sp_email_container" DIV’s for Templates.
Fixed: 'media:thumbnail' node causing RSS images to not properly load.

Fixed: Removed the "temp style div".
Fixed: Buttons stacking when aligned center.
Fixed: Google Font rendering when changing Themes.
Fixed: Updated theme preview thumbnail to better represent theme styles.

Email Studio:
Fixed: Error creating new theme directly after choosing standard email.
Fixed: Errors when saving a shared email.

Workflow Studio:
Fixed: Additional Workflows retaining the correct theme when editing.
Fixed: Configure Workflow; date and time retaining correct results when editing.

Content Hubs:
Fixed: ‘Items to Display’ for Content Hubs now functioning properly.

During this scheduled maintenance window, all systems are expected to be operational.

Please continue to monitor for updates regarding system operations. If you have an urgent issue: Contact us via InApp Chat, or Thank you for your patience during this scheduled maintenance window while we bring all of our product improvements into Production.
Posted on Aug 23, 11:49 EDT
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